First let’s touch upon that unique word …”yoga”. It’s definitely memorable, and when you hear the word there are certain thoughts and images that leap into your mind. Some are stereotypically wrong and some are accurate.

If you think of yoga as a Far Eastern product from long ago, you’re right.

The word yoga was created from a manipulation of the Sanskrit “Yuj”, which means “to unite” or “to join”. This is important because of the underlying goal of yoga. This is a practice which was created to help the user connect with a Universal Consciousness. 

Yoga works to help you join or unite with this consciousness. 

The ongoing hope is to become one in mind, body and spirit. Western societies often talk about improving physical and mental health. They ignore (or totally disbelieve in) the spiritual side of humans. 

Yoga is for everybody.

Whether you are just starting yoga or you have been practicing for years, men, women, CEOs, moms or dads at home, Yoga offers a place for deep connection and personal work. It inviites us to learn how to live better in order to evolve positively towards our highest self.

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