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Yoga for Emotional Release

Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You

There’s a secret about yoga that’s not often shared in glossy magazines or even in many studios. It’s a secret that I stumbled upon during a poignant moment in my life, when heartbreak and transitions felt like weights on my soul. Yoga, as I discovered, is not just about the asanas or the breath—it’s a profound vessel for emotional release.

Emotions on the Mat

Years ago, in a tranquil studio overlooking the Seattle skyline, I found myself in Pigeon Pose. As I folded forward, I felt an unexpected surge of emotion—a blend of grief, nostalgia, and yearning. Tears began to flow, inexplicably. The mat beneath, I realized, was absorbing more than just my physical weight; it was bearing witness to my emotional vulnerabilities.

The Emotional Body in Yoga

Yoga philosophy speaks of the “Koshas” or layers of our being. While we’re most familiar with the physical body or “Annamaya Kosha”, there’s also the emotional body or “Manomaya Kosha”. Asanas, though primarily physical, tap into this emotional layer, often bringing buried feelings to the surface.

Heart Openers: More Than Just Backbends

Backbending poses, like the Camel or the Bridge, are renowned heart openers. But for me, they’ve been doorways. Each backbend, in its essence, encourages vulnerability, allowing us to open up, face our fears, and release pent-up emotions. I’ve often found solace in these poses, feeling a cathartic release as I open my heart to the skies.

Hip Openers: The Reservoirs of Emotions

Traditionally, it’s believed that we store a lot of our emotional baggage in our hips. Poses like the Frog or the Lizard can be intense, not just physically but emotionally. I remember a session during a retreat in Bali where, nestled in a deep hip opener, I found the courage to let go of past regrets, finding forgiveness for myself and others.

Finding Release: Savasana and Tears

The final resting pose, Savasana, is often where the magic happens. After an intense practice, as we lay still, we give ourselves permission to fully feel, process, and release. Many a time, in the stillness of Savasana, I’ve shed tears—of joy, gratitude, relief, or even sorrow, knowing the mat beneath is a sanctuary of non-judgment.

Embracing the Journey

Yoga, in its wisdom, doesn’t ask us to suppress or avoid our emotions. Instead, it offers us the space to confront, embrace, and release. As you step onto your mat, remember that every tear, sigh, or emotional stir is a step towards healing. Let go of what no longer serves you, and make space for the new, the hopeful, and the beautiful.

In every release, find your peace.

Namaste 🙏