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by Julie Arce | Season 1, Episode 1

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The Daily Glo is your yoga lifestyle destination, discover nutritional guidance, meditation, and a welcoming community of people. Daily Glo has everything you need to achieve mind-body wellness

Daily Glo is a daily public podcast, each week we choose a theme to support your yoga lifestyle. 

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Meet Your Host – Julie

Julie Arce

Julie Arce

My vision is to be a lifelong student of yoga to integrate the disciplines of the practice in to my modern life of a mom and wife.  I strive to expand my knowledge base daily and share with you the the creative insights of my individual journey with integrity and authenticity.

My passion is to connect with people to their mind-body-spirit in a deeper way that leaves a positive impression on their path.

My ultimate goal is to connect with others to hear your stories of your yoga journey. Along the way sharing my own insights and revelations with the

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