Midway through this November, the night sky looks dark as a new moon turns round. New moons are very transformative periods full of beginnings, rebirth and sometimes even destruction. This transit also occurs in the mysterious zodiac sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is known to be an intense sign, full of passion and depth. As a water sign, emotions play a very big part of Scorpio’s characteristics – although they can often be hidden deep beneath the dark waters of Scorpio’s mind. During this period, you can expect any suppressed feelings to resurface. Embracing this is incredibly important during this period. Scorpio’s energy encourages you to be open with yourself and others. The new moon in Scorpio also brings with it many positive messages – guiding you to become your best version.

The first clear message from the new moon in Scorpio is to be absolutely honest and open with your emotions and feelings. Scorpio is known to be secretive and often pushes emotions down instead of letting them out. When the new moon moves across Scorpio, this private attitude completely dissipates. Instead a new energy of openness pervades around us. As stated before, the new moon is the perfect time for changed behaviors. Look deeply within yourself. Is there something you are holding back? Are there emotions you are struggling to keep in the dark? The more you push against your inner feelings, the heavier they grow in your soul. It is important to move with them instead of against them – this is Scorpio’s message during this new moon. New paths open up to those who allow themselves to be vulnerable with others. 

Furthermore, the new moon in Scorpio highlights the importance of questioning the world around you. Scorpio is a sign that is fearlessly curious. Nothing is able to deter this sign from finding out the truth. This intensity for knowledge carries over to you during this transit of the new moon. You may find that you aren’t satisfied with knowing only what you need to know. This means you will enjoy learning about something completely new or deepening your understanding about something you are already a fan of. 

Lastly, the new moon in Scorpio also lights up the sector of opportunities in your life. For this, you must be willing to act spontaneously and go with the flow of the current. If you are someone who craves consistency and routine, then this could be a slightly rocky period for you. Things are bound to come up that are way out of your control. While this can seem daunting, look at this as a challenge for self-growth. Being able to navigate paths that aren’t exactly clear is a good way develop your inner strength. Scorpio is all about perseverance and independence. You will feel yourself becoming more confident with every unanticipated situation you manage to overcome. Overall, this new moon will be a very expansive period to those who are optimistic in the face of the unexpected. 

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