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Yoga with Julianne Arce Laguna Beach.

Spiritual Yoga: Evolution from Meditation to the Mat

If you’ve ever taken a journey with me—whether through the deeply meditative sessions by the Pacific Ocean in Carlsbad or in the mystical landscapes of Bali—you’ll know that my path to yoga began in a unique way: through the gateway of meditation. Today, I want to explore with you the deep spiritual and philosophical layers that I believe form the true foundation of yoga practice.

Meditation: My Starting Point

My Journey: Before I even struck my first yoga pose, I was a meditator. The silent space of mindfulness offered a refuge that I had never known, guiding me inward and establishing my first connection to the spiritual dimension of existence.

Why I Teach It: In nearly every class or retreat, I make it a point to incorporate meditation, that same grounding practice that was my entry into this world of unity and balance. This ‘inner yoga’ allows us to retreat inward, to listen, reflect, and simply be.

Who It Resonates With: If you’re looking to develop a sense of inner peace, clarity, and profound mindfulness, then this aspect of spiritual yoga will speak to your innermost being.

The Eight Limbs: Expanding Horizons

My Journey: As I delved deeper into my practice, the philosophical richness of yoga began to unfold before me, specifically through the Eight Limbs outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Why I Teach It: This ancient roadmap underpins every yoga class I guide, infusing the asanas with the wisdom of non-harm (Ahimsa), truthfulness (Satya), and self-study (Svadhyaya), among others. These spiritual principles serve as more than just guidelines—they are the soul of the practice.

Who It Resonates With: If you’re yearning for more than just physical exercise, and wish for your yoga to nourish your soul, then the philosophy behind the Eight Limbs can offer a transformative experience.

Bhakti & Karma Yoga: My Heart and Hands in Service

My Journey: As my relationship with yoga evolved, I found myself naturally aligning with the paths of Bhakti and Karma Yoga—yoga of devotion and selfless service. These became ways to channel the spiritual insight gained through meditation and philosophy into tangible, everyday action.

Why I Teach It: My retreats often focus on these paths, offering avenues for us to collectively experience the power of devotional practices like chanting or the fulfillment that comes from community service.

Who It Resonates With: If your heart is calling for a deeper emotional and spiritual connection, these paths may open new doors for your practice and life mission.

Closing Thoughts

The beauty of yoga is its multi-dimensionality, its capacity to transform us from the inside out—and for me, from the outside in. Each one of these aspects—meditation, philosophy, and the paths of devotion and service—plays a vital role in crafting a holistic practice that honors not just our bodies, but our minds and spirits as well.

As you step onto your mat for your next practice, or take a moment to close your eyes and turn inward, I invite you to consider these deeper layers that make yoga the profoundly transformative practice that it is.

With deep respect and love,