Sometimes we hit a plateau at work or life, and wonder if there is more out there for us than work and pay bills. Then you are ready for a Soulful Experience.


200-Hour VIP Immersion Yoga Teacher Training.
2 Week in Person

Orange County, California

On Demand Yoga

World’s Premiere Virtual Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Custom Trainings

I teach yoga online and in-person one-on-one or for studios, companies and events.

Do Yoga With Me. 





Courses with Julie

Confidence Course

Confidence Goddess Ascension

9 Modules

Have you ever wanted to become something more than what you are currently?

Are you lacking confidence and feel like you would get a lot further in your career, relationships, health and wealth?

If you answered yes to any of these then read on…

Reiki For Yoga Teachers

Reiki | Level One For Yoga Teachers

10 Modules

Reiki is powerful healing technique for calming and revitalizing your mind, body and spirit, for relieving stress and pain, for increasing your well-being and for bringing deeper insight, healing and balance to yourself, your family and friends. You will learn how to transform your own energy for self-healing and growth.

Reiki has the potential to calm your mind, nourish your body and uplift your spirit.

Reiki with Julie Arce

REIKI | Level 2 & 3

2 Modules

Very gradually, very quietly, very gently, Reiki opens an inner spiritual connection that can transform the way a person experiences life, a sense of connectedness that can helps release negative attitudes and create a sense of meaning and purpose. This may be the most valuable gift Reiki offers.

Crow Pose Workshop

CROW | Crow Pose Workshop

4 Modules

It is said that crows are known for their fearlessness, intelligence, and mystery. As you integrate Crow Pose, Bakasana, into yoga you will create the experience of rising above into personal transformation. Ready to take flight?

Law of Attraction Course

Law of Attraction| Create Life By Design

13 Modules

Create Life By Design: Getting Everything You Want Out of Life Through the Power of Your Own Mind. And Let Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny.

Imagine for a moment that you have in your possession a source of complete and total power

Free Yoga Course

Free Yoga Course

7 Modules

Beginners Series

Vinyasa Academy

Vinyasa Academy

0 Modules

Learn Vinyasa & Deepen Your Practice

Sacred Ceremony Course

Sacred Ceremony For Yoga Teachers

8 Modules

Do you hear the calling to hold space for women in your life? With sacred ceremony you will be trained in leading monthly new and full moon ceremonies, Goddess Ceremonies, Cacao Ceremonies and more. These ceremonies can be hosted live or virtual.

Yin Academy with Julie Arce

YIN Academy For Yoga Teachers

7 Modules

Ignite 6 Week Yoga Challenge with Julie Arce

IGNITE | 6 Week Yoga Course

6 Modules

Learn the basics of yoga from scratch with our Beginner Yoga Courses, Yoga Ignite. Or, join Ignite to renew your yoga practice after some time away or to strengthen the foundation of your existing practice.

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Om At Home | 30 Day Yoga Challenges

30 Modules

Yoga Teacher Training California

Yoga Teacher Training | 200 Hour

10 Modules

This training includes a strong foundation in yoga asana.

Practicing yoga is essential for you to feel confident in leading others in the practice. During your time at YTT you will want to do at least 30 classes. It can be the same class several times or a variety of classes. Be sure to keep a journal on each one.


Why Learn With Us?


Established for Over 10 Years


Over 500 Yoga Graduates


Located in the Heart of Orange County


World Class Instructors

Yoga Series

Yoga Series with Julianne


Frequently Asked

Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?

There may be a relationship between yoga and flexibility, but being flexible isn’t a prerequisite to do yoga.. One of the most popular yogamyths is the belief that you need to be flexible before ever setting foot on a mat. The truth is, flexibility isn’t a prerequisite. In fact, a regular yoga practice will actually help you become more flexible over time.

How Do I become a Yoga Teacher?

Since Instagram became popular, it seems like every other person is a certified yoga teacher. You may be wondering how to become a teacher and if it’s even realistic. If you’re passionate about the practice and hope to impart its benefits to others, chances are you are a perfect candidate. Are you going answer the calling?

What is your favorite yoga gear?

Yoga doesn’t require fancy equipment but I’m a bit pick about my yoga gear. I prefer items that are high-quality and ethically-made. To see more about my recommendations go here. 

Who Are You?

My yoga journey began shortly after the birth of my youngest daughter 13 years ago. I fell in love with yoga after my first class which helped me manage PTSD from my service in the US Navy. Since my first class I have taught international yoga retreats, trainings and owned studios. Sharing the benefits of yoga is my life’s passion. 

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